IFMA’s membership application process is quick and easy.

New members join through the national IFMA website. Please click the “Become a IFMA Member” button to begin the process.

Here are some helpful tips for completing IFMA’s online membership application.



The online application has six steps. Please make sure you cover all six.

The red numbered boxes on the top right of each page indicate the step that you are on. Use the “previous” button to go back. Do not use your browser arrows or the red numbered boxes.





Select the membership category applicable to your profession or status in the industry.





Select the membership package you prefer:

Choice 1 – Full Membership Package: includes council membership and mail delivery option. You will be required to select an IFMA Council.

Choice 2 – Create your Own Membership: does not include council membership or mail delivery option.

Questions about membership or the application process? Please contact IFMA at (713) 623-4362.


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